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Colorado woman accused of vehicular homicide after fatal accident

A motor vehicle accident in Colorado that led to the deaths of two motorcyclists and that injured a third has led to criminal charges for the driver involved. According to police, the accident began when a woman, age 27, was heading due south on Highway 83. For reasons not reported on, her vehicle apparently crossed over into the opposite lane of traffic, colliding with a motorcycle.

Colorado statutes on fatal drunk driving accidents

It is always sad when a motor vehicle accident in Colorado results in a fatality. Often fatal accidents are simply that -- accidents -- and are not necessarily the fault of any one person. However, sometimes one driver is accused of wrongfully causing the accident. These accusations can result in criminal charges if it is believed that the law was violated.

Assault charges filed after fatal DUI accident

Last weekend in Colorado Springs, an accident involving four young people, two men and two women, almost ended very tragically. The people involved are lucky to be alive, although at least one of them is seriously injured. Now, the driver faces serious criminal charges that could affect the rest of his life, including DUI and vehicular assault charges.

Man accused of vehicular homicide after fatal accident

A man stands accused of vehicular homicide in connection with a recent deadly pedestrian crash in Colorado Springs. The man faces multiple charges, including allegations that he was driving while under the influence of alcohol. Many of these charges are quite serious and could lead to a substantial prison sentence.

Drugged driving in CO can end in homicide charges

This blog has, in the past, reported that a Colorado motorist who chooses to drive drunk runs the risk of facing serious vehicular homicide charges if he or she is involved in an accident that leads to the death of another person. It bears emphasizing, however, that a Colorado Springs resident need not be under the influence of alcohol in order to face these serious charges. Drugged driving can lead to the same consequences as drunk driving.

What constitutes 'vehicular homicide' in Colorado?

Last week's post discussed a recent and tragic case in which a young man was charged with vehicular homicide following a car accident that left his passenger, a young woman, dead. Police accuse the young man of driving under the influence of alcohol, and have also filed the homicide charge against him because someone died. Many residents of Colorado Springs, especially in light of this story, may also wonder what exactly "vehicular homicide" is and how that crime differs from other types of homicide like murder and manslaughter.

Fatal accident investigation produces vehicular homicide charges

A recent accident on the north side of Colorado Springs has the driver facing significant criminal charges. According to a news report, the accident occurred in the early hours of the morning on interstate 25 in the area north of the Fillmore Street exit. According to police, a northbound car lost control, left the highway and hit a tree.

How do I defend myself against DUI vehicular homicide charges?

It's the worst possible end to an evening on the town. You're at a party, a bar or a favorite restaurant with your friends. You have a few too many drinks and get behind the wheel of your car. It happens so fast: the missed the red light, the collision, police and emergency crews. Before you know it, you're sitting behind bars thankful that you're alive but devastated because the guy in the other car wasn't so lucky.

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