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Defending against felony DUI charges

Sometimes car accidents happen that are truly the fault of no one. In any car accident, however, police in Colorado may perform an investigation in an attempt to determine not just fault, but also whether criminal charges should be filed. One such criminal charge is driving under the influence.

Being charged with a DUI in even a one-car accident with only the driver as the occupant of the vehicle is a serious situation. However, if an individual is accused of driving under the influence and causing a motor vehicle accident that injures another person, that individual could be charged with a felony. It goes without saying that the consequences for being charged with a felony are significant and long-lasting.

Those charged with first-offense driving under the influence in Colorado could lose their driver's license for up to a year. And when it comes to multiple offenses or a felony DUI, individuals could also face significant fines or even jail time, depending on the situation. Moreover, having a felony DUI on your record can affect many other areas of your life.

For all of these reasons, those accused of felony DUI should make sure they wage the strongest defense possible against the charges they are facing. However, individuals facing a felony DUI charge may not know where to start or even what their rights are. Therefore, it can often help to retain the services of a DUI defense attorney. For example, the legal team at Farry & Stock, PC, educates their clients of their legal DUI defense options, so that their clients can make sound decisions. Their knowledge of the law allows them to zealously represent their clients in court. To learn more about DUI defenses in Colorado, residents may want to view our DUI defense webpage.

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