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Colorado woman accused of vehicular homicide after fatal accident

A motor vehicle accident in Colorado that led to the deaths of two motorcyclists and that injured a third has led to criminal charges for the driver involved. According to police, the accident began when a woman, age 27, was heading due south on Highway 83. For reasons not reported on, her vehicle apparently crossed over into the opposite lane of traffic, colliding with a motorcycle.

The operator of that motorcycle, age 58, and his passenger, age 56, were thrown from the motorcycle and were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The woman also reportedly collided with a second motorcycle, but the 28-year-old operator of that vehicle suffered injuries that have only been described as minor. The motorcyclists involved in the crash were not wearing helmets when the accident occurred.

The 27-year-old woman has since been charged with committing vehicular homicide, drunk driving, committing third-degree assault and failing to provide motor vehicle insurance. Obviously these are very serious charges that could affect the rest of the woman's life.

Charges of vehicular assault or homicide can have long-lasting consequences including incarceration for many years. Thus they warrant the strongest defense possible. After all, witness accounts proffered by the prosecution can be challenged, evidence against the individual can be called into question and the accused has the right to present evidence and witnesses in his or her favor.

However, such cases should not be handled alone. It can be extremely beneficial for anyone accused of vehicular homicide to seek the advice they need to understand the charges they face, the potential consequences of a conviction and how to craft a solid defense with the appropriate representation.

Source: KDVR.com, "Two motorcyclists die in Douglas County crash; woman arrested on suspicion of DUI," Feb. 28, 2016

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