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February 2016 Archives

Field sobriety tests and DUI arrests

Being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving is an experience no one in Colorado wants to have. It can also be a very confusing and in some cases frightening experience, particularly if you have no idea what to expect. All you do know is that the potential consequences for being convicted of drunk driving are severe.

Colorado statutes on fatal drunk driving accidents

It is always sad when a motor vehicle accident in Colorado results in a fatality. Often fatal accidents are simply that -- accidents -- and are not necessarily the fault of any one person. However, sometimes one driver is accused of wrongfully causing the accident. These accusations can result in criminal charges if it is believed that the law was violated.

Can you refuse to submit to a breath test in Colorado?

One thing no resident of Colorado wants to see while on the road is the flash of red and blue police lights in their rear view mirror. The seriousness of the situation is only ratcheted up when an individual is accused of driving under the influence. In these situations, police in Colorado may ask a driver to submit to a breath test to determine the driver's blood alcohol content. However, it is possible to decline to take a blood alcohol test?

Colorado testing roadside drug detection device

Impaired driving in Colorado includes not only drunk driving, but also driving under the influence of drugs. Coloradans may be familiar with breath tests and other blood-alcohol tests as a means of determining whether a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol. But a recent program aims to provide police in the state with a device that can help them detect whether an individual is driving under the influence of drugs.

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