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January 2016 Archives

Protect your future through DUI expungement in Colorado

Have you been accused of driving under the influence? If so, you may be very worried about what the potential consequences are. After all, being convicted of DUI in Colorado Springs could be very damaging to your reputation and could have implications should you later try to seek a job, apply for a loan or rent a home. This could be true even if the DUI conviction occurred months or years in the past.

Impaired driving in Colorado: what types of charges apply?

Being pulled over on suspicion of impaired driving is a situation no Colorado Springs resident wants to find him or herself in. It is important for individuals to be familiar with the basic offenses that involve driving after having consumed alcohol or drugs, so that they understand the charges they may face.

Can Breathalyzer calibration be a defense to DWI charges?

Most Colorado residents are probably aware that if they consume enough alcohol that they are over the legal blood-alcohol driving limit, they could face serious penalties if they choose to drive. However, what if the driver what not over the limit? To establish that a driver was over the legal limit, police officers conduct a blood alcohol test. These tests are used to prove a legal presumption of intoxication, but if they are not conducted properly, a driver might be able to suppress this evidence against them.

Charges dismissed against woman with sky-high BAC level

For many Coloradoans, the term "creativity" conjures up images of art and music. But those are hardly the only fields that can benefit from thinking outside the box. Take, for example, an interesting legal defense that resulted in charges being dismissed against a woman who had a BAC level that would leave most people incapacitated at best, dead at worst.

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