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December 2015 Archives

Expect higher insurance rates after flunking a blood alcohol test

The difference between passing and failing a breathalyzer can be literally life-changing. And yet breathalyzers are an inexact science prone to error based on an array of factors. That inexactitude and the results that can follow is just one of the many reasons why Coloradoans may benefit from vigorously defending themselves against a DWI charge.

When can police stop someone for a DUI in Colorado?

Colorado commuters see it virtually every day on their way to work or home: cars pulled over to the side of the road with a police car in tow. These events, though familiar, are anything but routine for those singled out for police attention. For these folks, getting pulled over can be the first in a chain of unfortunate events. But what goes into the stop? What limits, if any, are on police? To find out, keep reading.

When can criminal convictions be expunged?

Mistakes can happen in a moment. The consequences can last a lifetime. But sometimes Coloradoans can get a second chance, an opportunity to clean the slate and start fresh. For example, some Coloradoans convicted of a crime can have their records sealed so that they are no longer easily obtained public records. To find out under what circumstances this option is available, keep reading.

Punishment for a felony DUI can go beyond the criminal

When Colorado residents hear about felony DUIs, many think about being pulled over, about an officer administering a breathalyzer or making the driver walk a straight line, about the fines and potentially jail time. But these are not the only serious penalties that face those convicted of a felony DUI. A much more pernicious and long-lasting consequence is employment troubles. How so?

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