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September 2015 Archives

Falsely accused of driving drunk? You can call us

Many people in Colorado Springs might think that when a person gets found not guilty of a DUI based on a technicality of the law, they should count themselves as lucky. Indeed, police are expected to comply with strict standards when it comes to testing people and determining whether or not they are under the influence. However, these standards are important and protect people's rights.

Do CO police have to see me driving before I get a DWI?

Many of the previous posts on this blog discuss the mechanics of a DWI in Colorado in terms of blood tests and field sobriety tests. While these are important parts of drunk driving charges that Colorado Springs residents need to understand, people should not forget that the state also has to prove that a person was actually driving a vehicle before they can be charged with a crime.

Are Miranda warnings important in DWI cases?

Many Colorado Springs residents are well aware of the Miranda warnings that law enforcement officers must read to those they arrest under most circumstances. However, the familiarity that Coloradans have with the Miranda warning may lead to a false impression that police must read this warning to anyone with whom they interact.

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