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August 2015 Archives

We can help protect your pocketbook

Last week's post discussed how Colorado Springs residents who pick up even one DUI conviction could wind up paying $8,000 in fines, fees and both short-term and long-term costs. Aside from these financial expenses, one should not discount the fact that a DUI conviction can affect a person's reputation and job prospects, which could, in turn, leave them experiencing further financial losses.

How much could a DUI conviction cost me?

In Colorado, even a first-time DUI conviction can cost a person almost $8,000, even if that person chooses not to hire a Colorado defense attorney. The reason that this number is so high is that, in addition to a fine, a person will have to pay all kinds of fees. In addition to court costs in the strict sense, courts will also impose fees for a person's jail stay, probation and community service. Additionally, Colorado law imposes several fees that go for the benefit of the victims, and these fees must be paid by those convicted of drunk driving charges.

What does a drug recognition expert do?

Colorado residents may have heard of a certain type of law enforcement officer called a "drug recognition expert," or DRE. Although the name sounds very important, a DRE is simply a police officer who has had some specialized training and is therefore considered qualified to participate in cases of suspected drugged driving.

Man accused of vehicular homicide after fatal accident

A man stands accused of vehicular homicide in connection with a recent deadly pedestrian crash in Colorado Springs. The man faces multiple charges, including allegations that he was driving while under the influence of alcohol. Many of these charges are quite serious and could lead to a substantial prison sentence.

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