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July 2015 Archives

Defending against allegations of drugged driving in Colorado

Last week's post on this blog discussed how drugged driving charges can carry with them the same potential consequences for Colorado motorists as do drunk driving charges. Just as in the case of drunk driving, a person who receives a conviction for drugged driving will likely have to deal with fines and fees, probation, a license suspension, and the possibility of jail time.

Drugged driving in CO can end in homicide charges

This blog has, in the past, reported that a Colorado motorist who chooses to drive drunk runs the risk of facing serious vehicular homicide charges if he or she is involved in an accident that leads to the death of another person. It bears emphasizing, however, that a Colorado Springs resident need not be under the influence of alcohol in order to face these serious charges. Drugged driving can lead to the same consequences as drunk driving.

Are sobriety checkpoints legal in Colorado?

Last week's post discussed how Colorado Springs officers engaged in a holiday crackdown on drunk driving, arresting 19 people over the holiday weekend. While Colorado law enforcement officers may simply increase their presence on the road, talk of a broad sting operation aimed at drunk drivers may conjure up images of the so-called "sobriety checkpoints" that have become commonplace across the country.

Multiple arrests made around Colorado Springs over the Fourth

For many Colorado Springs families, Independence Day is a time to get together with friends and relatives and celebrate the birth of this country. Many Coloradans may have chosen to consume alcohol as part of these celebrations. However, those who choose to do so should remember that the police are often out in full force over the holidays, searching for drunk drivers.

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