Colorado Springs Trucking Accident Attorneys

Trucks and semis crowd the highways of Colorado, including I-25, U.S. 24 and I-70. While there are strict federal safety guidelines in place to ensure that other drivers are not harmed by these enormous vehicles, accidents do occur. When a trucking accident occurs, it is almost always caused by the driver or the trucking company cutting corners on these safety rules.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a trucking accident, it is critical that you seek legal representation immediately. The trucking companies move quickly to avoid liability, losing evidence and covering their tracks — knowing that they stand to lose large amounts in a lawsuit.

Zealous Representation In Colorado Springs Following Trucking Accidents

At Farry & Stock, P.C., we have represented clients throughout Colorado who have suffered great loss due to trucking accidents. Our attorneys are skilled in putting together the evidence needed to hold these trucking companies accountable for the pain they have caused. We are prepared to go up against even the largest companies, recovering maximum damages for our clients.

After a trucking accident causes deep injury or loss for you and your family, contact us immediately. Our attorneys will move proactively to hold the trucking companies responsible. Call our Colorado Springs law offices today at 800-683-6587.

Some of the most common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue — Drivers must only work for a certain number of hours a day. In a rush to make a deadline, however, many will work past their hours, doctoring their driver logs. This results in deep fatigue, which can easily cause an accident.
  • Improper loads — There are strict guidelines for how a truck should be loaded, including balance of the load, amount of load that can be carried and loads being properly secured. Any mistakes can cause the truck to capsize.
  • Maintenance and repair — Trucking companies are responsible to ensure that each truck on the road is in the highest operating condition. Failure to do so can cause devastating trucking accidents.
  • Training and background checks — Trucking companies are responsible to ensure that each truck driver has a clean driving history and has been properly trained and certified in carrying the load he or she is driving.

Our lawyers meticulously investigate all circumstances of the accident, working with forensic experts to determine exactly how the accident occurred and what should have been done by the trucking company to prevent the accident.

We are committed to fighting on behalf of you and your family to achieve justice.