Colorado Springs Sexual Assault Lawyers

Studies show that the majority of sexual assault that occurs in the United States is committed by someone the victim knew or even trusted. With children, this could be a person they were told to trust and obey, such as a teacher or coach. Any time a sexual assault of a child occurs at the hands of someone he or she trusted, the institutions or organizations that put that person in authority must be held accountable.

Confidential Representation For You And Your Family Following A Sexual Assault

While criminal charges will likely be filed against the sexual offender, a civil lawsuit can also be brought against the school or organization that allowed the individual to work with children. At Farry & Stock, P.C., we are committed to zealously advocating on behalf of families that have been so deeply hurt by the irresponsibility of these organizations. Our attorneys will fight for justice for your child and the trust that your family placed in these authority figures.

If you or your child has been sexually abused or assaulted by a coach, teacher or other leader, please contact us today. Our lawyers provide free confidential consultations to discuss your legal options and the case you may have. Call our Colorado Springs offices today at 800-683-6587.

You place deep trust in the adults that your child's school or other organization allows to work with children. You assume that it thoroughly checks each adult's background and supervises all interaction, taking action if any suspicions are reported.

Normal physical contact, such as high-fives or hugs, between a coach or person in authority can quickly cross the line. This could include inappropriate touching, inappropriate hugging, "sports inspections" or kissing.

When an adult placed in authority is working with children, he or she is acting as the agent of the school or organization that put him or her in authority. When these kinds of despicable actions take place, the organization can be held legally accountable in civil court.

We will advise you of all legal options at your disposal and help you make the decisions that are best for you and your family. Throughout the process, we will carry the legal burden, protecting your confidentiality and that of your child.