El Paso County Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you face criminal charges, your entire future rides on the outcome of your case. In addition to jail time or significant crimes, a conviction is permanently on your criminal record, visible to future employers or others pulling background checks. No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing, it is important that you have a lawyer who is ready to fight the charges and protect your future.

At Farry & Stock, P.C., our attorneys are committed to zealously advocating on behalf of individuals facing criminal charges of any type. We are litigators, ready to take any matter to trial. Because of our track record of success in trial, prosecutors and district attorneys respect our abilities and are more likely to extend favorable deals to our clients to avoid facing us in the courtroom.

If you are facing criminal charges, call us today to learn how we can protect your interests and your future. Contact us at 800-683-6587. We serve clients throughout the Colorado Springs area, including Manitou Springs, Pueblo and Fountain.

We handle all types of criminal defense, including DUI, assault, sexual assault, white collar crimes, domestic violence charges, racketeering, forgery and fraud.

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney — Experience In DUI Defense

Just one poor decision to get behind the wheel after having too many drinks can get you arrested for drunk driving. While a first offense is a misdemeanor, it could stay on your record permanently and cost you your driving privileges, as well as significant fines. If this is a repeat offense, you could be facing felony charges. Our attorneys zealously advocate on behalf of clients for the best possible outcome, minimizing the impact of a conviction.

Federal Defense

Our firm is one of the few in the area that is equipped to handle cases in federal court. These cases are more complicated than cases tried in state court. Your representation must understand the differences in court protocol and sentencing guidelines as well as defenses against such charges. We have worked in the U.S. District Court, and successfully represented clients on federal charges.