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When an aging individual becomes incapacitated or reaches a point where he or she can no longer care for himself or herself, the court allows guardianships and conservatorships which grant loved ones the authority to care for and make decisions for the individual. Minors and disabled adults may also require these arrangements to handle their affairs and finances.

El Paso County Conservatorship Lawyers — Caring Legal Representation

At Farry & Stock, P.C., we work with families and individuals in navigating the guardianship and conservatorship process. This includes initially having a person or persons named to those positions.

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Our attorneys will help you understand the distinctions between guardians and conservators and assist you in making crucial decisions regarding the needs of your loved one.

Guardianship – The named guardian is given the authority to decide where the person lives and make certain lifestyle choices on his or her behalf. The guardian also answers questions about care and medical attention.

Conservatorship – The named conservator is given authority over the individual's money and financial decisions.

For a guardian or conservator to be named, the aging or disabled individual must be incapacitated or show incompetency in managing his or her own affairs or taking care of himself or herself. A conservator can also be named for a minor to manage monetary damages that were received in a lawsuit following an accident.

While the conservator is generally a loved one or family member, professional conservators are also available to provide the service.

Disputes can often arise surrounding decisions made by the guardian or conservator, including the type of medical care being given or the way the individual's money is being handled. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in these types of issues and can intervene to act should you have concerns about your loved one's care.