Colorado Springs Criminal Defense And Civil Trial Lawyers

With nearly 60 years of collective experience, the attorneys of Farry & Stock, P.C., are equipped to handle any criminal defense, civil litigation or personal injury matter you may face — no matter the complexity or circumstances. We are trial lawyers, committed to fighting for our clients' best interests and delivering the best possible results.

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense And Civil Trial Attorneys — Trial Experience In Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation And Personal Injury

Our attorneys have tried hundreds of jury trials and arbitrations nationwide, including cases before the U.S. District Court. We have one of the highest rates of acquittals in the area. Prosecutors and opposing representation know our reputation for success and work with us, offering favorable deals and settlements to avoid facing us in trial.

Unlike many criminal defense attorneys, we were never prosecutors, focusing on penalizing criminals. Our background is in public defense, and we have always worked to protect the rights of the accused.

Mr. Farry spent significant time as a public JAG defender and understands the military culture and how criminal charges can profoundly impact your career.

We also represent families of individuals in the Colorado Springs area requiring estate and probate work locally.

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